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Ichiraku Ramen Stand Minecraft

How to Build a Ichiraku Ramen Stand in Minecraft Bedrock

Video tutorial to be posted soon.

How to Build a Ramen Stand in Minecraft Bedrock 1.17:


1. Build a 11×7 foundation out of planks with a log on each end as shown:

2. Next build the Logs 5 blocks high on each end (including the one already placed):

3. Place upside down stairs along the bottom on all sides:

4. Place logs along the top as shown:

5. Next start putting on the roof:

The Roof is built using 1 slab on the outside of the log and on top of the log – next planks, a stair and planks in the center of the roof pitch.

When you are done fill in the roof to look as shown below to have a overhang:

And fill in the whole roof:

6. Next fill in the corners of the roof with  as shown below:

And continue making a design across the front and back of the building:

For the sides of the building make the corner slabs two wide and then drop every slab one below the roof slabs as shown:

7. Finish the Roof by adding slabs along the pitch:

On top of the end slab which should be overhanging the building by one block as shown above, add another slab on top:

Next add a stair on top of this slab facing the building:

On the back side of this stair add an upside down stair as pictured below:

Add planks to the back wall of the Ramen Stand with a door:

8. Now it is time to add the walls using trap doors:

You could use only one style of trap doors like above or mix them up like below depending on what you prefer:

Either way the sides or ends of the Ramen Stand should have traps doors as well:

9. Next add details to the building. Below we added some fence and lamps:

And stools made with slabs and fence post:

Or Scaffolding and carpet, whichever you prefer:

10. Finally banners or whatever you like to your Ramen Stand and equip the kitchen and you are done!

Here is our Ramen Stand using our own texture pack:

Note: Video tutorial will be released soon on our youtube. Design can be used in videos (but not tutorials based on our design) and  on other websites as long as credit is given back to with a link to the original here.