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How to Make a Easy Hobbit Hole Entrance

To make a simple and easy hobbit hole doorway entrance, first pick a mountain that you are going to hollow out for your hobbit hole to be inside. Next, flatten the front of the mountain and bit and place planks for walls, a door and four stairs as shown below:

Next, place four logs of your choice along side the stairs:

Place more stairs around the bottom of the logs on both sides:

So far, your hobbit hole entrance should look like this:

Place logs facing outward as shown beliw:

Next, add upside down stairs of a different wood type and a slab across the top of the door as shown below. I also places trap doors on the first logs we placed for decoration:

From here you can add buttons to the ends of the outward facing logs:

Or you could place lanterns under the outward facing logs. In this picture I raised the first logs we placed 1 block higher. so that the lanterns were not sitting on the stairs below:

Finally, fill in your mountain around the door and place some windows and trap doors for shutters:

This is the easy version of a hobbit hole doorway. For something more decorated just play around with the design and add more trap doors, logs and stairs.