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Island Spawn with Frozen Ocean, Mooshroom Island, Taiga, Jungle and Mansion

This seed was tested on Minecraft Bedrock 1.18

Seed: 766763175

Spawn: -146 23

View at Spawn:

View of Island from Above:

Turn behind you and there is more land close by:

This island is much bigger if you are looking for a island to survive on:

At -700 -400 there is a Mooshroom Island:

The Woodland Mansion is a little farther out, located at -2800 -2300:

This Mansion spawns in the side of a mountain:

To the side of the Woodland Mansion there is a cave system and you can see the Lush Cave Biome inside:

The view below is from inside:


This view is from outside the Cave on the back side:

This is a look inside again from the back end behind the Mountain and the Woodland Mansion:

Another view from inside:

Traveling to the left facing the Woodland Mansion you will come to a river and a Jungle Biome. You can see the Woodland Mansion to the right below:

View of the Mountains in the Jungle:

If those Biomes are not what you are looking for, there is a Taiga with a Portal and Snow Taiga at 300 900 from the spawn: