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Survivalcraft 2: How to edit your texture pack


Note: To edit your texture pack you will need to download or gimp.

In the video we used You will also need to download the original Survivalcraft texture here.  You can also download the player skins to edit here.

The Survivalcraft texture is 512×512. You can increase it to 1024×1024 in so that you will have x64 size blocks, unless you want to keep the blocks at x32. However, the texture pack will become blurry when you increase it, although this does not matter since you are going to replace the textures with your own.

Make sure you only replace textures with other textures that are public domain, or are from packs that allow remixing. If you are unsure that a pack allows remixing ask the author for permission. And always give credit to the original author, by noting them and if possible linking to their pack or website,  somewhere on or in your pack for the textures you used.

For all other info on editing the pack see the video below:


Texture Images

Public domain images can be found on the sites below or by searching google images for user rights that allow re-suse or modification:

photos public