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How to Build a Chinese Dragon Head with a Nether Portal

This is ridiculously long image and text tutorial on building a Chinese Dragon head with a Nether Portal inside the mouth,  But if you follow it you should be able to build this Dragon in no time at all.  There is also a video tutorial on our YouTube:


The Blocks we used to build this Chinese Dragon are:

  • Polished Deepslate blocks, slabs and stairs.
  • Smooth Quartz blocks, slabs and stairs.
  • Polished Andesite blocks and slabs.
  • Red Wool Blocks, Black Wool Blocks  and Red Carpet.
  • Glowstones and Obsidian
  • and finally Diorite Walls for the teeth.


1. First, we have to build the Dragon’s bottom jaw.

The images below may be clicked on to open in a new tab so that you can have a larger view if needed.

Chinese Dragon Jaw

Note: Make sure you are ALWAYS completing each step below on both sides of the Chinese Dragon.’ head.  The pictures that follow will only show the steps on one side.

Chinese Dragon Jaw 2

Chinese Dragon Jaw 3

Chinese Dragon Jaw 4

Chinese Dragon Jaw 5

Chinese Dragon Jaw 6

Chinese Dragon Jaw 7

This is what your Dragon should look like so far if you have been doing both sides as you go:

Chinese Dragon Bottom Jaw

Chinese Dragon Jaw 8

Chinese Dragon Jaw 9

Chinese Dragon Jaw 9

Chinese Dragon Jaw 10

2. Next, build the Chinese Dragon’s upper jaw……

3. Create the Chinese Dragon’s nose……



4. Next, build the Chinese Dragon’s cheeks…….

Here is another view of the step above:

5. Next, add the Chinese Dragon’s eye’s and eyebrows…..

6. Next, finish off the top of the Chinese Dragon’s Head…..

Below is  how your Chinese Dragon should look at this point. If you have made it this far, you are about half way done! It also gets easier from here.

7. Move on to filling out the Dragon’s cheeks…..



8. Now it is time to Create the Back of the Head and the Neck….

Here is what your Chinese Dragon should look like from the back so far:

9. Finish up by creating the Chinese Dragon’s Mouth, a Nether Portal and the remaining Whiskers…

You are almost done at this point!

Chinese Dragon14

This is how your Chinese Dragon should look at this point: Chinese Dragon Tutorial


Finally….You have reached the final step!!!

Chinese Dragon Minecraft

Here is another version of this Chinese Dragon that we built in our survival world:

Note: You may copy this dragon for your own creation, however, you may not make a youtube video or text tutorial on creating this dragon without permission from