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How to Build a Japanese Bridge in Minecraft Bedrock.

Below is a step by step tutorial on building a Japanese style bride in Minecraft Bedrock. A Video Tutorial will be released soon and posted below as well.

To start,  build a bridge out of slabs –  5 slabs wide and whatever length you choose:

Remove the corner slab on each end and replace it with dark logs: or dark wood:

Build the logs 5 blocks high on each corner:

Next begin adding the roof by placing a slab on top of the log and one beside it on the outside of the log:

Add another slab on top of the one on the log:

Next, add a stair on the next block level up as shown:

Note: You will need to add a slab to place the stair on and then delete the slab.

Now add two slabs at the top for the roof pitch of the bridge:

Fill in the roof of the Bridge:

Make sure to make an overhang on each end:


Next place dark slabs on all 4 corners, using two slabs as the base and placing a third slab on top. Delete the two bottom slabs and your Japanese Bridge roof should look like this:

View from above:

Now place slabs along the ends as shown below. This part involves placing slabs and then deleting them as a work around to get them in the right spots. First place a slab against the end roof slab as shown:

Place another slab on top:

Place a slab against the top slab you just placed:

Delete the double slab leaving the last slab you placed:

Place back a single slab and delete the outer slab:

This is what your Japanese Bridge roof should look like at this point:

Next, place a slab against the top of the log under the next roof slab:

Build another slab out:

And then up:

Delete the bottom slab and the one against the log:

This is what your Japanese Bridge roof should look like so far:

Now place a slab under the stair:

Connect another slab:

And delete the slab under the stair:

Now add a slab under the roof pitch:

And connect another slab:

Add another slab on top:

Complete the roof here as well as the other end of the bridge following the same directions above and your Japanese Bridge should have a roof that looks like this:


Next, go to the sides of the bridge and build two slabs up and one down the side as pictured below:

This is how the corner going down the side should look:

Remove the bottom slab:

Go down one level and place slabs along the roof slabs all the way down the side leaving space at the other end to repeat the two slabs above on the corner:

Once you complete the corner on this end your Japanese Bridge should look like this so far:

Next start finishing the roof pitch by placing dark slabs along the top:

Make sure you leave an overhang as pictured above.

Next add another slab on top of the over hang slab:

Connect another single slab out:

Place a stair on top of the slab so that the stair is facing the bridge:

And finally place an upside down stair against the other stair:

The roof should not look like this:

Complete the other end of the roof and your Japanese Bridge should now look like this:

Add some rails as pictured below:

Or you can replace the planks with logs:

Finally, add some fence and lamps for decorations:

You can also change the style of the Japanese Bridge by following the same directions above and altering the bottom into a raised bridge:


Note: Please do not make a tutorial, in text format or video, based on our design here. See Copyright Notice at the footer of the page. Video version of this tutorial will we released soon.